Contemporary Sculpture DUNAMIS: A 9 Meter Tall Sculpture by British Sculptor Bushra Fakhoury (Achilles Way, Park Lane, London)Bushra Fakhoury unveiled her new 9 meter tall Contemporary Sculpture Dunamis on Park Lane on 5th October 2013.

The contemporary sculpture was made in Liverpool.

The Impossible is possible 

“It symbolizes human struggle to achieve
excellence, pushing boundaries to make the impossible possible. We need to prioritise, work positively, and relentlessly towards reaching our goals, and dreams.”

“Holding the elephant in a high position
gives homage to the traits that we share
and gradually forget, such as family ties,
solidarity, compassion and cooperation.
The ‘pointy hat’ represents the knowledge
through the ages.
We may not have the extraordinary memory
of the elephant, but we need to remember
to support the survival of the endangered species”.

– Bushra Fakhoury

Size: 9x5x3 meters, Material: Bronze Resin, Base: Steel

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Westminster City Council for the opportunity to participate in the “City of Sculpture”.
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SOLD. Moved to Cambridge.



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